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Spreadshirt Creators Speedrun

Designmanagement, Prototyping, Concept

As a marketing manager, I want a dedicated landing page specifically geared towards YouTube Creators that entices the user to sign up to be a shop partner. We need the new site in less than a week for the VidCon!
  • Pain Points

  • Different target audience than Sprd
  • No Dev resources
  • Urgent timing
  • Needs to be implemented in the odd webpage structure
  • Core team divided around the glob, no direct conversations
  • Project Goals

  • State of the Art Web experience
  • Online in less than a week
  • More qualified leads
  • More YouTube Creators Registrations
  • More Contact form submission



I want to take my channel from the screen to the street! Full control over my content is important for me.
  • Demographics

  • Age
  • 19 - 24
  • Marital Status
  • Single
  • Digital Comfort
  • YouTuber with experience
  • Devices
  • Smartphone, PC, Tablet
  • Psychographics

  • Support Role
  • Creator
  • Support Approach
  • Do it your own
  • Domain Knowledge
  • New at Sprd
  • Social Role
  • Influencer


Phase Zero Kick-off

For the Kick-Of we was in the lucky position that the lean Personas and the strategic direction for Spreadshirt Creators was already defined. So that the team was able to concentrate on the scope of the project as well as on the approach and responsibilities.

Phase One Concept

Off-Site to Concentrate on the Lean Wireframes and Concepts.

Preparations for the Cardsorting Workshop

Phase Two Stackeholder Update and Workshop

Project Workshop including Card-Sorting

Phase Three Initial Layout Draft

Initial Drafts Based on Workshop Findings

Stakeholder Live Iteration via Skype done in OneNote. Frankenstein v1 v2. Final Go for the Structure.

Phase Four Skip Photoshop

Set up a low fidelity live prototype and do the iterations straight into the prototype.

Phase Five Test and Iteration

Testing with friends and insiders to keep the testing and time effort low.

Time for Details. We added some interaction for a smoother feeling.

Final Outcome

Other Project Glimpses

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