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Art Direction Digital

  • Ideation Design thinking methods are used as a foundation for all of my design projects, to generate a creative outcome.
  • Visual Design A project can be as great and creative as possible but no one is interested in it until it gets underlined with a strong visual identity.
  • Interaction Design User Experience is way more than ideas, user flows, or nice visuals. It's about performance and context.

User Experience

  • Concept Every solid project needs a solid concept to ensure the best possible experience.
  • Interface Engineering Interface Engineering goes hand in hand with usability and user experience to maximize the output of your project.
  • Lean UX A more business-driven approach to UX, that can survive in an agile environment and ensures a regular update flow.
  • Prototyping / Development A concept needs to be proved and tested fast by providing the right prototype for the right situation.

Design Management

  • Project Management Ziel ist die Verknüpfung und Organisation verschiedener Design Disziplinen, sowie die Einbindung von Design Thinking auf Projekt und Unternehmensebene. Dabei verbindet Design Management sowohl den Bereich des Managements als auch der Strategie und diverser Supply Cahin Techniken. [Todo... Needs to be translated..]


  • Design Thinking Design thinking refers to design-specific cognitive activities that designers apply during the process of designing to find creative solutions for specific problems.
  • Prototyping In our prototyping workshops, we talk about all different kinds of prototypes and how and when to use them in the right way.
  • Team alignment Sometimes teams tend to struggle or they are just not able to find the right groove. With different psychological proven technics, we help to build trust and align the team with one goal to ensure the best possible outcome and a harmonic work environment.
  • Design Critiques Design Critiques for in and external projects are important to get a good overview of the actual situation and possible next steps to bring our projects to the next level.

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