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UX/UI Design

I support your team and align it under one vision by providing tailored hands-on workshops through the project process.

I help you saving resources by developing invaluable user-centered insights and concepts.

Only a visually appealing product can be a delightful one, that's why I combine great UI design with user-centered concepts.

I love to create awesome products.
Just drop me a line.

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  • [...] I thoroughly enjoyed working with David because his speed and level of quality helped us getting things done in time, and they looked awesome at that.

    Alexander Joscht | Product Owner by Sprd.net AG
  • [...] ohne ihn wäre vetevo heute nicht das, was es ist. Nicht umsonst bezeichnen wir Dave intern als unseren "Jony Ive", der der vetevo UI/UX seinen eigenen, unverkennbaren Touch verleiht.

    Felix Röllecke | CEO by vetevo GmbH
  • [...] An IXD that can work closely with all the moving parts in his team. Solid communication skills, able to seamlessly switch between speaking developer (yes that's a language) [...]

    Michael Gregorio @ Sprd.net AG
There is a solution for every challenge. Let's brainstorm solutions.
David Zerbe, uxactly
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User Experience is a strategic decision rather than a taste decision. Here are my references

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